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Australian Possom Colored Glue Sticks Line Cutterz Ring
Australian PossomColored Glue SticksLine Cutterz Ring

Authentic rusty orange Australian Possom

Colored Glue Sticks

A ring worn on the finger that cuts fishing line is finally here! Sleek, 




Pre-Cut Wings Pro Needle Glue Gun SF Baitfish Brushes
Pre-Cut WingsPro Needle Glue GunSF Baitfish Brushes

Pre Cut wings

For heads, eggs, and whatever you can hot glue.

These brushes have been constructed using original SF Flash Blend




Stonefly Bodies Stonefly Legs Stonefly Tails/Attenas
Stonefly BodiesStonefly LegsStonefly Tails/Attenas

The easiest way to tie Stoneflies,

J:sonSweden Silicone Stonefly legs

These are the Tails Antennas used on my stoneflies.




Stryker's Totally Stoned Tying Kit Tacky Fly Boxes
Stryker's Totally Stoned Tying KitTacky Fly Boxes

Tie your own "Stryker's Totally Stoned"

Quite possibly the best Fly Boxes ever invented!