Strykers Totally Stoned

Here's A Stonefly everyone should have in there fly box! There can be nothing more exciting then skitering a stimulator or a similar pattern during a stone fly hatch watching the trout go crazy to catch these irratic flying flies. However after 30 years of fishing the Ausable river I have learned  that some fish ...especially bigger fish don't like to go crazy chasing them and just hang tight sipping the slow moving ones as they drift by. When that is the case this is a must have pattern! I tie more stoneflies then any other pattern and this pattern has been a long time in the making to get it where I wanted it,the key to this fly is its silloette which enables it to be fished very slow with a slight twitching action thus allowing the big weary boys to get a good look at it and convince them it is the real deal!  This isn't a pattern you need to fish every time the stoneflies are hatching but when you get that one big fish that refuses every other pattern this one will seal the deal!

Strykers Totally Stoned
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