The  BEAST! designed by Bob Popovics for when the bass are chasing large bunkers. This fly is in a class all by itself, Bob really hit the ball WAY out of the park  with this pattern. The key to this fly is that it is tied on a Mono extension with very sparce ties which allows the Bucktail to pulsate and breath without being restricted by tying on too much material but most important it allows it to shed water very quickly making it easy to cast. This is tied on a Partridge ultimate preditor X 8/0 hook. and meassures 12-13 inches. I tried to tie each fly identicle to the pictures that are listed but there may be slight variations. I tie these larger flies with out eyes but I can add either tab eyes or Jungle Cock eyes upon special request. As with all my flies please feel free to contact me with custom colors or hook choice.

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